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1) You can simply COPY your unique affiliate link for sharing on your social media accounts, emailing to friends, posting to blogs/forums, etc.

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2) Click the "Create link to a specific page". This option is if you want to direct potential customers to a SPECIFIC page on Fansenvy with your affiliate link... such as with your unique affiliate link. The reason you would do this is if you know you are marketing to people who would be interested in our NASCAR ring, therefore increasing your chances of a sales commission!


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Check out this great success story of a recent Affiliate Marketer for Fansenvy!

Sarah joined the Fansenvy affiliate program in January 2016. She was fairly new to sales, but loved social media. Sarah's strategy for sales was to get her Fansenvy affiliate link in front of as many fans as possible! She started with targeting NCAA football fans with their specific team ring. Sarah is from Alabama so OBVIOUSLY, she started with our University of Alabama ring! She would not only comment her affiliate link on every Alabama social media photo or post she found... BUT she also would direct message her affiliate link to fans of these Alabama football fan pages on Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, etc. She also had great results targeting "College Alumni" (team/University specific) with Facebook Ads!

We interviewed her recently for the TOP 10 ways she increased her monthly PayPal commission payment!

1. She posted images of our Alabama ring and her unique affiliate referral code URL on Craigslist "for sale" listings in every Alabama city.
2. She direct messaged her referral URL to every member of this Twitter Alabama Football Fan account.
3. She messaged her link to University of Alabama alumni who were married on Facebook.
4. She followed and messaged her affiliate URL to every person who liked photos on this Alabama Instagram account.
5. She messaged members of this Alabama sports forum photos of the ring and her link!
6. She created Facebook ads targeted at "newly engaged" and "Alabama football fans".
7. She created various Tumblr and Blogger blogs with niche keywords around "Alabama sports" for the domain name, then wrote blog posts using even more Alabama keywords she discovered with Google Keyword Planner... all included photos from Fansenvy and again her affiliate referral link.
8. She commented her link on various Alabama sports bloggers posts and news articles.
9. She created YouTube videos with Alabama sports footage and intercut images of the Alabama ring in the slideshow. In the video description, she included her affiliate URL.
10. She commented her affiliate link in EVERY Alabama sports photo on Pinterest!

Now if this sales rep did all this just for Alabama... think what you can do for all the other varying teams on Fansenvy!

In 2016 Sarah grossed $109,395 in sales and earned $27,348.75 in commission earnings! Sarah is a full-time teacher and MADE nearly $28,000 in her spare time!!! Be like Sarah and EARN a second income with Fansenvy!

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