FREE Silicone Wedding Bands - The BEST Silicone Rings for FREE

You read correctly, we are offering FREE Silicone Wedding Bands! We are so passionate about our customers keeping their ring finger safe while they are working, hunting, playing, etc... we want to GIVE you a set of Silicone Rings! 

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Wearing a silicone wedding band is the way to go if you work with your hands. If you dare, Google "ring avulsion". WARNING: it is a scary sight what a wedding ring ripping off your finger looks like! Ring Avulsion became a top search once it happened to Jimmy Fallon and he discussed it on his show. 

When Should I Wear a Silicone Wedding Band?

I always tell my customers, wear your fancy camo wedding ring or sports logo wedding band from Fansenvy when you are going out on a date, at home for the night, heading to church/event/etc. When I wake up in the morning before I head to work, I pop off my titanium wedding band and slide on one of these Fansenvy camo silicone rings... and then I'm out the door. I work with tools all day, so I don't want my titanium ring to accidentally get caught on something!

Another time I love wearing my silicone rings is in the gym and in fitness classes! 

Are Silicone Rings Safe to Wear?

Silicone rings are the perfect way to show you are married, but care about safety. Our silicone wedding bands are 100% medical grade, 0% rubber, and 100% hypoallergenic! Our silicone bands are strong, but with enough torque, they will rip off, therefore SAVING your ring finger!

How do I get my FREE Silicone Wedding Band?

We hope you love one of our camo wedding rings or sports rings to pair with your silicone wedding bands, but if not... that is fine. We still love to see our silicone rings on our customers worldwide! We just ask that you tell one friend where you got your FREE silicone ring :)

To claim your FREE silicone wedding band, head over to: 

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We can't wait for you to enjoy your camo silicone wedding band!